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Creating your Logo

The foundation of creating your organization does not involve just the creation of a logo. An organization's logo is the visual representation of everything the church stands for. In order to create a logo for your organization the designer must have an accurate understanding of the church.

A logo or brand enhances crucial first impressions of your Ministry. An advertisement, business cards, t-shirts your members wear, or the business sign on the side of the road are all important for this first impression. It is crucial that a logo provide an accurate overview of the church. If the logo is outdated it is useless to the potential customer and to your organization.

A good logo can build loyalty, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established ministry.

Foundation of your identity

Once your logo has been created, a branding policy is created along with adjustments for different types of situations. Rules are set in place to ensure that your logo is used within the appropriate situations. This could involve an all white version for dark backgrounds and other such locations, or a vertical design for those tight locations.

Once these guidelines are in place your logo can be used effectively across many platforms or publications.

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