Live Video Streaming Setup

Broadcast yourself Live

UStreamStarting a Live Video Stream is not as difficult as some people think. A Camera, Computer and Sound System is all you need to get started with a professional Live Stream setup

With the help of a church can be up and running within a few days. How does it work? Where do I get a good camera? What are the required specifications for a good computer? How do I setup my channel? How do I set up the program? How do I add the stream to my website?

We can help you answer each of these questions, as well as any others you may have. With our Live Streaming Setup we create your account on ustream and set up the channel for you church. Next we will embed the stream into your website if it is one of our website packages or else send you the website code to embed on your own site.

This is followed up a trip to your location where we can setup your camera, computer and the software. We also instruct you on the fine points of shooting video for online viewers.

Recommended Equipment


Sony DCR-HC38 and the Canon ZR960 or any SD cameras that have a Mini DV out port can connect to your computer via a Firewire cable.

Capture Cards

If your camera does not have a 4 pin firewire out port, ADVC-110 is a very popular capture card model.

High-end production cameras and Capture cards

The Panasonic AG-DVX100B Digital Video Camera/Recorder is very popular among the professional webcasting community. This high-end camera is used by major media companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations. If your camera does not have a Firewire output, you may want to consider using a capture card, which you can install into you desktop computer. Ustream Producer is designed to work with the Blackmagic capture cards.

Mobile phones

You can go to to reference currently supported handsets.