Custom Mobile Websites

A Mobile Solution for Reaching your Potential Members

Introducing the mobile solution for reaching your potential members

Mobile communication has revolutionized the way people find and display information. An entire generation of people are now searching for and using information in ways that were virtually unheard of 10 years ago. Through the use of modern website programming framework our company is able to develop high quality mobile websites for any purpose, certified to run on over 500 mobile devices.

Mobile Applications vs Mobile Websites

What makes a mobile site better than a mobile application? This battle is raging with the rise in mobile websites and the increased demand for mobile apps. It all comes down to the application in question.

Below are a list of reasons why a website could be a better decision

  • Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available
  • Mobile Websites are Compatible Across Devices
  • Mobile Websites Can Be Updated Instantly
  • Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily
  • Mobile Websites Can be Shared Easily by Publishers, and Between Users
  • Mobile Websites Have Broader Reach
  • Mobile Websites Can’t be Deleted
  • Mobile Websites are Easier and Less Expensive

For a church an application is not always the best option. This is where a mobile application excels.

Order a Mobile Package Starting at $249

Site Features


Mobile optimized forms which adjust the input of the mobile device and make user input easier and faster.

Information Pages

Information on mobile devices must be consise and to the point due to the limited space.

Staff Directory

The staff directory provides a listing of your staff and short informational blurbs about them, including links to contact them.


Display upcoming events in a graphical manner on the mobile site homepage. An image slider provides a graphical message to your users.

Photo Album

A photo gallery CMS allows your organization to upload photos and albums for your visitors to view.


Using smartphone GPS, directions to your church through this mobile site is simple.

Event Calendar

Through the use of Google Calendar the mobile site is able to provide a listing of the upcoming events at your organization.

Customer Communication

Providing ways for visitors to contact your church office is necessary to provide a two way street of communication.


Using the power of PayPal, your organization can now have access to, and payments through the mobile site.

Social Media

Through your mobile site, you can direct your visitors to your social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Foursquare.

iOS Home Screen

Install your mobile site on your iOS device providing quick and easy access to the full website while creating a mobile app feel.

QR Code

Introduce your visitors to your mobile site by placing the QR Code in the bulletin, magazine, newspaper, on posters, or signs.

Site Price

  • Custom Design
  • Hosting
  • Pages
  • Additional Pages

Level 1


  • $9.99/Mo
  • 6
  • $29/page

Level 2


  • $9.99/Mo
  • 12
  • $29/page

Level 3


  • $7.99/Mo
  • 18
  • $19/page

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