Developing Your Brand


After a brand outline is completed by the client a concept board is sent to the client consisting of five logos. If extra concepts are requested an additional fee is required.


Once the client receives a concept board consisting of five logos they are expected to choose three. Three adjustments are granted to each of the three logos. If the client chooses two logos, four adjustments are granted to each. If one is chosen, six adjustments are therefore granted. If extra adjustments are requested, an additional fee will apply. The amount of the ‘extra adjustment fee’ will depend on size and timeframe of desired adjustments.


The client has chosen one logo they wish to use. One logo alone may arrive to the completion stage. The client is afforded three slight adjustments to their logo. Once an agreement to finalize the logo is made no other adjustments are permitted. If extra adjustments are requested My Media Pastor retains the right to re-negotiate payment resulting from said adjustments.